Since spring of 2009 we have worked together as a group of specialists under the name of König Web Solutions. We have as our main objective to grow and become a well known web studio not only in Malmö but around the country. We work as sub contractors for other web studios and commercial agencies which means that the demands upon us are high. Since our clients are the part that deals with the final client it is natural for us to work with secrecy.

At present time we have three specialists working with PHP, MySQL, and different types of CMS such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We also have a very competent Flash specialist and our latest addition to a team is a designer within vector graphics. With other words, we have a complete team of very competent specialists

This we can help you with

The list can be made long over the areas in which we can help your company. A coupleo f these are WordPress, Jquery, Ajax, Javascripts, Actionscripts, complicated PHP programming and database optimization. If you have any special needs we are always willing to learn new more specialized programming to meet your demands.

Rent a coder

When needed your company can rent a coder from our company. This is mainly if you need a programmer during a longer period of time, more than a month. Our specialist is located at our office but works solely for your company. An advantage of working like that is that you do not have to deal with taxes and other expenses that arises around employing a programmer. The price varies depending on the work, the length of the work. Together we set up a time frame and a budget.
Several clients have tried this variant, do so you too!

For more information, contact us at +46 40 6664012

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